Thursday, 31 August 2017


I'm sorry I've not blogged for a while but my poor mum fell down a slope on a golf course and has dislocated /Fractured her ankle ,The consultant said she has literally smashed her ankle and one of the worst he has ever seen . So 2 lots of manipulations and 2 lots of surgery and now home non weight bearing - so I have come south to look after her - been here for 2.5 weeks - honestly if I couldnt have come then what would have happened to her - The NHS just sent her home with no idea how she would sleep ,shop , clean and just survive - NOT IMPRESSED , She was lucky that she has a downstairs spare bedroom and bathroom that she can use , a friend of her's is recovering from 2 lots of hip surgery and is living on a sofa- shes in her late 80's WTF !!!because no checked her home ......what a total disgrace RANT OVER sorry 

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