Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Visable Image Stamps

hi there blogland ,
its been ages since my last post -sorry about that but too much STILL going on with the kitchen BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel ! I am now in the process of putting the house back together and trying to eradicate the dust . But I have managed to make a few cards and buy more stuff !!!! As one does !

This card was a result of playing with some of my newly acquired craft stuff.This card was for a young lady who is about to start the next stage of life and find a job after uni !
The card below, was again playing with the Visable Image Stamps - I wasn't too sure about it at the time but left it till the next morning to decide what to do and decided that when I went to re look at it that actually it was better than I first thought .Again this was a birthday card. I will try and post some more tomorrow - if the dust doesn't get me first !Thank you looking and commenting........ good or bad !