Friday, 20 May 2016

Brusho background -birthday

I wet the background then added the brushos -more as an experiment and thought it looked like plants/bushes - so added the cat and the wee flowers and ivy .Like a previous card I let the design go onto the back( and a lot of smudges !) 
the sentiment came from Papertrey Inks.The wording on the back came from Elzybells ( no longer :( ) .I used my inkylicious brushes to colour the sky just to give a faint hint of colour .Have a great weekend folks x


  1. You've made a perfect garden scene, love the way it wraps around the card. Cara x

  2. Oh wow, I love this! Especially the cat and the little flowers - what a great way to use Brushos! What stamp did you use for the flowers?

    Jen xx

    1. rubberstamp tapestry - have a load - they are tiny peg stamps .Try