Thursday, 21 April 2016

Brushos birthday card

I watched a video by Sandy Allnock and decided to have a go - really good fun
Sandy Allnock - brusho garden
hopefully this is the link if you want to have a go to - off to golf now and enjoy the walk and hopefully hitting a small white ball a long way - for those who dont play heres a video of Robin Williams explanation
Golf explained !
Have a lovely day in the sun x


  1. This is gorgeous! Love the richness of the colours - stunning! I'm going to have a look at the Sandy Allnock link :)


  2. Just wandered over from your less is more post and enjoyed wandering around your blog. You really are very talented, all your creations are just stunning. Hope to see more of your works soon. Cara x

    1. thank you - this was a lot of fun - Sandy Allnock who did this idea orginally is very talented - I love the brusho's affect -so many uses x